Cairn Geal Croft produce

Just let us know when booking or in good time before you arrive and it can be waiting for you at the cottage.

Phone Kathy/Alan, on 01470 592 357 or email

Free range eggs – usually medium to large depending on how the hens feel. Sold in half dozens. Price £1.30/ half doz. 

Hill grazed lamb from the croft – Seasonally available, usually from mid November onwards. Let us know the cut and the quantity and we can leave it in the refrigerator for your arrival. Prices on request.  

 Croft eggs and lemon curd

Croft eggs and lemon curd

Potatoes – usually a wide range of varieties but the very poor weather in spring and early summer this year has meant that only a limited range is available. 

Fresh Herbs – as you might expect – rather seasonal. Some fragrant cooking mint tips at the moment but will be gone after the first frost... any day now.  Some tasty croft grown garlic £0.70 per bulb.  

Chives, parsley, sage, apple & black mint, & thyme growing at the cottage.  Just ask if you need anything – there may be something left in the polytunnel on the croft.


Local food & drink sources


The clean clear waters around the Hebrides support a rich selection of sea food unparalleled by any other region of the Great Britain.  Some of the harvest is seasonal whilst other is available most of the year around if the weather is kind enough to allow the fisherman to land it.  

Well worth trying are the local: 

  • Prawns/langoustine (we get them from the gentleman in the image at the top of this page).
  • Hot smoked salmon 
  • Shellfish
 Pan of langoustines

Pan of langoustines

Telephone/email Kathy and Alan in advance to see what is available or visit:

  1. Just Hooked in Portree (01478 612 288)
  2. Andy Race, Mallaig (
  3. The Oyster Shed in Carbost ( )


Goats cheese – tasty – from a neighbouring croft.  Only July and August. (

Connage Cheese, Ardesier on the Moray Firth:
Make their own organic Brie style cheese (‘Clava’) and others. Beautiful flavour, just order ahead for delivery to us and we will make sure it is in the refrigerator on arrival. They also stock a very wide range of Scottish and other cheeses.... the smell in the shop is well worth sampling! (

Try Ian Mellis for cheeses if you are in Glasgow or Edinburgh: (

Bakeries & bread

Skye Bakery - In Portree....lovely range of speciality breads, including gluten free.  (

And in Dunvegan, Skye’s oldest bakery: (

Wines, whisky & local beers

Ardmore wines – David at Ardmore House has a wide range of wines, especially French & Italian (including fine wines), whisky & other spirits (Grappa, rum.....etc) and some local beers. ‘Vital Spark’ is worth a taste. David is a pen & paper man so no website. Telephone him to order ....or better still visit his unique outlet and be amazed. The scenery, and history behind it, is wonderful. (Telephone 01470 592 326)

Other local delights to try

Stornoway Black Pudding – Co-op shop in Portree, or let us know in advance and we will put a sample in the refrigerator.

See also (

A local delicatessen in Portree (